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New Musical Entrepreneurship

Confession: I stole the title of this page from the original New Musical Entrepreneur Roo Pigott

I believe that there’s never been a better time to be a musician, an artist, a band. No longer is the route to new fans held almost exclusively by the major label gatekeepers of old, by radio and TV. We can now connect directly with fans. More people than ever can make the music they want and distribute it, share it and make it part of their life.

Rich Huxley AKA TheHuxCapacitorThe music industry isn’t the record business. The business of music is everywhere. I tend to speak about the creation of/making music, the recording and production of music, being better at being an artist and the business of music, online, in venues, in your home and about why now is the most vibrant and exciting time to be making and distributing you music, that there’s ever been.

Here’s an example of what I mean in my first guest post for the Chicago based website, Refe Tuma‘s Creative Deconstruction: The Declarations of Independents

Want me to come to your place? Please contact me.

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