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A Hawk In The Rain


I’m a neglectful friend

Due to working so very hard on getting the Hope and Social record finished, I’ve totally failed to plug this until now (I’ve failed tpo do much else to be honest… eek), but there’s some beautiful music being made by (amongst others) H&S’s Simon Goff, and Cassis Birgit Staudt (with whom Ed and I have been working on a film soundtrack with)… it involves the chaps from Lantern Music and if you’ve not already heard A Hawk in The Rain, here’s something to be going on with while you read further.


This project is part of Simon Goff‘s major project at BCU (where I am studying my MA in Music Industries) and as he’ll tell you, it’s been a huge learning curve. If you want a read of the whole AHITR story, it’s all on their blog. For me though it’s become regular listening, and it’s beautiful, so I’m going to ask for your help.


The important thing though (and I appreciate that I’m springing this on you somewhat) is that they’re still a wee way short of their kickstarter target. They’ll get it, I’m in on this shortly too, but if you do like the tunes and want to help the AHITR chaps make their art, hop over to their Kickstarter page and bob a fiver in the tin… say like in the next 50 minutes… that ok?


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