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2011 – I Don’t Do Resolutions


New Years Resolutions by Gillian Berber

So I’d rather hoped to post this during January but hey, I’m a touch late… soooo…. New Year eh? It’s always a time for reflection on what we’ve done with the past year and new vigour for what to do with the coming 12 months.

I happened upon this post on the WordPress encouraging us to blog more often and with links to handy motivators and topic starters. I do want to blog more so I’m starting right now, sooo…

I pledge to post once a week for all of 2011.

It’s quite a scary commitment, but I have to say, I feel my best when I’m blogging often, therefore I’m going to make use of, and follow and get inspiration from the community of other bloggers. Also I’m finding that the idea of as a purely musicish blog as a tad limiting. Since joining the blogging and twitter communities I’m finding that I’m thinking more of music as part of culture (a hat tip to Andrew Dubber on this one), furthermore, I’m finding the need to fight for the arts in general and champion amazing events, so let’s see where the blogging takes us this year.

It won’t always be up here that I post mind… Sometimes it’ll be a blog, and 2011 sees the start of a few more musical ventures that I’ll be posting about/to. Firstly, and in conjunction with the marvellous Ben Denison and Ed Waring, there’s…

Musical Conversations

Still very much in Beta, project number 1 is There’s plenty of content that needs to be added and some of the info up there is blatantly incorrect (we didn’t hold our first #mcon in December for example) however we want to get this up and running and hold our first no later than February we’d hope.

The idea is (open) sourced, an extrapolation of the lovely Emma Bearman’s (The Culture Vulture – for whom I’d also love to write this year) Cultural Conversations. The format will be simple. If you’re interested in music then we’ll be having conversations about it. You set the agenda for the night and we break off into groups to discuss. You may find yourself a learner in a number of sessions, or you could lead one. That’ll be determined on the night. We’ll have beer also.

The Arts Hive

Again very much in beta, myself and a bunch of people who work with young people in Yorkshire are looking to provide a hub for advice and skills when working with young people in the arts: Music, visual arts. The Arts Hive (again) also needs populating with content but we’ll keep you posted as and when we get stuff up and running there. It’s a bit fuzzy concept wise too but essentially we’ll be a cross-artform workshop community specialising in working with young people. (That’s not to say we’ll turn down projects with adults, just that we’re focussing our efforts there).

If you already read my blogs, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments, sharing, likes, and good will along the way. If you have any thoughts on what’s written, please do chime in. We want you involved.


Skipton Songwriters

In the latter part of 2010 I was very fortunate to work with a bunch of bright minded young people at a project organised by the ace Matt Burrows of 6K and CYC (Connecting Youth Culture. The Skipton Songwriteers are a group of aspiring young songwriters and facilitated by the awesome, inspirational Claire Thompson of Skipton Library and with assistance from Matt Burrows we threw a show together to showcase their works during December. There’s more to come this year with their first meeting on the 18th of January (find out more here) and what’s more we’ve introduced a whole raft of young people to the wonders of blogging, soundcloud, and to the benefits of sharing.

And much much more…

So, I suppose it’s about time I blogged about some stuff over at and brought peeps up to date on our plans for the band this year… See you over there Shortly

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