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2010 – A Review of a busy year – Q2


(Cont’d from Q1 here)


Unsurprisingly, we released “April” in April.

And we blogged about the making of every track. We also toured in April… dotting dates around so as not to disrupt Simon’s noew-found father/son relationship too much. We started with Emma McPartlan’s ace Cuckoosfest – always carnage, always a giggle – then onto Halifax, Leeds, Chaddersley Corbett, York, Harrogate and Leeds in one day and Leeds again. Loasdafun. It’s good to gig.

The Shadracks came to finish their EP:


Not very welcoming is it now?

In May, and on the back of Come Dine With Us, I argued that Music is Not Our Currency. Hope and Social continued touring with dates in Ripon and Hartlepool and I started working with Cloth Cat, a community organisation in Leeds. I was mainly working with homeless males, doing guitar workshops and the like… Kinda tricky at times (see pic) but sometimes very rewarding.

I also started working with ELFM on their Next Generation stuff. An amazing project which began with a three day drive to create a full hour of live radio – from scratch.

Go and have a look at what they do. This involved the lovely Next Gen bunch and the wonderful people of ELFM. Thank you guys, keep fighting the good fight!

These ace young people approached their task open-mindedly, with dedication and we ended up running for nearer two hours on the day of broadcast. Amazing people. Here’s hoping they get the funding they need to keep these young people of east Leeds involved. Hear the hour they made and see the video here.

Tigers That Talk at the Musicathon

May also saw the ELFM Musicathon, a 24 hour live broadcast with no pre-recording whatsoever: Jingles, music, spoken word. I Love ELFM. It’s a fringe event of Live at Leeds… and I spoke alongside the lovely Whiskas, the esteemed Sean from Drowned in Sound and some tit from the NME at the Live at Leeds unconference.


June saw Hope and Social headline Rough Beats Festival and for me, the continuation of a lot of projects, ELFM’s Next Gen, Homeless peeps songwriting/guitar workshops, Rock Schools at Rochdale (Rockdale as it’s been nicknamed) mentoring with Rosie, The Shadracks and Josh Giddings, and a one week intensive session at Harrogate High School working on a Rock Orchestra project for CYC (Connecting Youth Culture – affiliated to 6K). Great fun this, bright minds working on cool songs with a band rhythm section and wind section. More on this tomorrow.

June also saw one of my favourite successes of 2010. One of the young people I worked with all year at Rochdale made it into music college. I’m told that the music workshops made the difference from her not engaging with education whatsoever to gaining a place at a music college. Best job-satisfaction ever.



It’s July through September tomorrow… Keep your peepers peeled on this link as of midday!

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  1. 06/01/2011 12:49 pm

    This has reminded me of one of my favourite moments of 2010 at the Halifax gig the day you got the first run of April CDs. Stood at the bar afterwards Ed wrote something along the lines of “We all love Wiffen” on my CD and the guy stood next to me wanted his signing but said “I don’t want any of that lovey-dovey crap on mine Ed”.

    Ed wrote on his disc:

    “You’re alright. Ed”



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