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The Yorkshire Musicians’ Social Media Surgery


What is a Social Media Surgery?

We may know Facebook and Youtube. We’ve maybe dabbled with Twitter and Blogging. We’ve all set up (and hated) Myspace. We might even have heard of foursquare, bandcamp, vimeo, blogger, flickr… but what the hell is tumblr, wordpress, soundcloud; what is tunecore, and what’s the point? In short, the benefit to musicians is that we can connect with fans. Connecting with fans equals better gig attendances, more fans, more people with your music and more people talking about your music. Interested yet? Reserve your place here now.

You’ll be sitting with people who are good at using free tools on the internet and we’ll try and find out what you want, and fit the tools available to the things you want to do.

Why play out at an SMS?

Firstly, it’s free (now have we convinced you? Save your place here now).

Secondly, the opportunities afforded us by new technologies to connect with people are mostly free. (ah g’wan, book your place). For artists and bands social media gives us the chance to connect with people we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to. The ways to connect to an audience are no longer limited to the people we see at shows, and through the traditional media, radio, the music press etc. We have a wider reach and if we choose to build on those relationships we can build a larger, stronger and more loyal fanbase.

Lastly, there’ll be abut to nibble at, a bit to drink, a bit to listen to and the wonderful Pat Fulgoni of Music Yorkshire. Now there’s a man who understands how to get your bands to SXSW.

Social Media in Action

You can do marvellous things with free tools. The whole of is built and populated with free tools, but you may want something simpler… oh, alright, this next bit may not be the best example of social media in action in the world, but here’s a youtube video that John Popham and I made on Friday about the forthcoming Yorkshire Musicians’ Social Media Surgery (For the sake of disclosure… and geekiness, it’s a youtube video embedded in a wordpress page).

So, providing I’ve not put you off, head over to and get yourself booked.

Where and when…

On the 3rd of November, from 6-30pm Leeds will hold the first Yorkshire Musicians’ Social Media Surgery, at Round Foundry. You can find the Round Foundry Media Centre here:

Or download a pdf of how to get there here.

Further Reading – our marvellous sponsors

….. and all the links in the above text!


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