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JAMES Event “Mic To Master” for Recordists


For those interested in all things production, one of the events that JAMES (an organisation part owned by the MPG) is “Mic to Master”, a series of workshops and masterclasses on recording techniques, mixing and mastering. More info on these forthcoming events running nationally from Plymouth to Dundee and from now until December can be found here.

Here’s a video featuring JAMES personell:

Fantastically, the first day of each these events is an “Education” day, free to those who qualify (learners and educators essentially). Good work. Interestingly I found out about these events through my subscription to Audio Media magazine.

As you may know, it was at the JAMES conference last year that I saw this fantastic talk by Steve Lawson. Now there’s a man who knows how to use the t’interweb.

Bye for now.


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