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Sky Larkin – Kaleide

After the pre-release leak of Sky-Larkin’s second album in about a year “Kaleide”, I’m very pleased to say that Wichita and the band have responded in exactly the right tine/way and have got their brand spanking new record straight out. I’m very much loving Kaliede which listen to … and more importantly, get/buy here. I recommend at least the £12 special edition including the exclusive Crypt Demos 6-track featuring our Ed Waring‘s work (I do feel a bit sorry for our Ed though, he had two hours to “mix” these, he’d have liked to actually mix them I think). It’s what I’ve bought and includes a limited edition print to boot.

Hugely interesting music this. Spikey meets fluid, Katie Harkin’s lyrics never settle on the obvious when a left of centre metaphor can be found; the vocal delivering them delicate yet powerful. Bass-lines that are one part drive, one part melody with a healthy glug of aggression to boot, coupled with Nestor’s sooopoer hard drums (the loudest drummer I know?? Maybe, and I know a few) with snare drums dancing around the 2s and 4s. Sky Larkin never go for the obvious, yet their songs are as accessible as any Police pop.

Massive thanks to Sky Larkin for this namedrop too… they did the same on that there BBC radio dontchaknow, gawd bless ’em.

It’s funny hearing these songs again – re-recorded and mixed after weeks of hearing them take shape in our lovely studio – they sound much posher than the demos, which is only right. Great tunes, and by far eclipsing the great work they’ve done to date in my opinion.

Gary Stewart – Boy Cries Wolf

Hope and Social’s very own Gary Stewart is soon to be releasing his album Boy Cries Wolf and he’s blogging about it up here. As well as drumming with Hope and Social, Gary’s one of my favourite guitarists and by all accounts, the album is sounding great. I’m hoping he’ll sneak a track or two up on soundcloud so we can get some previews up here…

UPDATE #1 – tracks now online for preview at Gary’s tumblr

UPDATE #2 – I’ve just got hold of a copy as I’m playing with Gary at the launch of the album (16th September, Brudenell Social Club – tickets available from Jumbo Records and Crash Records). The record is in turn delicate, and bold. Again, it’s lovely and interesting to hear songs I know well (from hearing Gary play them at many and varied venues), all produced and lovely. It’s a record with dynamics, and a record with depth. Crowd favourite Behind the Door featuring Ellen Smith of Ellen and the Escapades gets it’s most succinct and direct treatment, recorded entirely live, this is the first song from the record to get the video treatment.

UPDATE #3 – It’s launched!

The Smell of Rain Reminds Me Of You

Sadly I couldn’t make this event last weekend due to playing at two shows in Yorkshire, but Hannah Nicklin, writer and orchestrator of cool interactive/t’interwebby/crowd-sourced art/theatre projects held this 10 minute flashmob performance of 100 people, headphones on listening to the rain.

Hannah Nicklin

See the Rain Reminds tumblr page for more info, where you can download the audio for the project and do your own should you desire (warning, may include my monotone voice).

The teaser video is great, like a living installation. Top work and well worth following Hannah’s musings on twitter. I hope to see y’all at the next event.

Right, back to my holiday! More postdated posts on Friday – Ed’s fantastic Open Letter to The Music Producer’s Guild.

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