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It’s a bloggy old week


Just a bit of an update and round-up of all things interwebz and offline so far this past week.

TheHuxCapacitor posts

Last week as you may recall I posted my first guest post on (gotta migrate that web address!) and got some great comments and help for the aspiring venue setter-upper from the eloquent and wise Suzanne Lainson. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, check out her recent post on Intellectual Property Laws on “BrandsPlusMusic“. Brilliant! I’m very happy to say that we’ve more coming from Tim Hornsby this week. Also, I’m hoping to debut a post from the talented young producer Tom Bramley soon. And speaking of guest blogs…

More Guest bloggage

Why Worrying About Monetising Your Music Is Holding You Back

My very own guest post went up here on Refe Tuma‘s yesterday. As ever, thanks for the opportunity Refe.   ;)

Lot’s of interesting comments. Don’t think I’ve fully made my point clear given the responses. My point being that I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have the opportunity to make money, just that worrying and whining that “The Music Industry is F%£ed” is both wrong and a total waste of time. The record industry may be in a mess, but the proliferation of music and the opportunities to connect with people are now more and better than ever. Kyle Bylin of Hypebot did a little interview with me last week about the health and happiness benefits of experiences over products last week. Have a read!

Live at Leeds

Here’s a quick vid from Leeds Met. Uni. about the Live at Leeds Un-Conference I attended and spoke at. No words from me, just a lot of lurking in the background drinking caffeinated drinks, but nevertheless:

The Band

When good trumpeters go bad

After an amazing week including 5 shows in four days and involving brilliant Leeds peoples, Manchester’s finest cocktail barMojo,a living room, much Vuvuzela action (see here and here), a weird venue, a hen do and some bunny ears Hope and Social are very much looking forward to a busy weekend from Birmingham to Ripon to Reading… then I’ll be taking a well earned rest for a couple of weeks before returning for…  (Insert vuvuzela fanfare here)… The next Hope and Social event… a bus trip to the seaside on the 4th Sept. We launched this yesterday and it sold straight out. Amazin’! We’re considering a second bus… if you’d still be interested, please contact us.

Alan Raw - BBC Introducing Wizzard

Finally, Hope and Social have had a bit of a BBC frenzy in the past 4 days. The interview between Kate Prothero and I went up on the front page of BBC Leeds. Full story here. Also, Alan Raw featured audio from the interview on this week’s West Yorkshire Raw Talent here – the interview starts at about 37 minutes in. Over’n’out for now. xR

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