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Sharing by Example


Having recently read “Me, Me, Me is Boring” by Kevin English and “Share and Share Alike” by Steve Lawson I realised that like them, I should be leading by example.

On this page I’ll be embedding and linking shareable music from those I know and love. If we’re connected and if you have some shareable music, please email me or comment here and I’ll include it below. Favoured formats as usual will be Bandcamp and Soundcloud, though Audioboos and other formats may make it on – I’m not a format fascist.    ;)


*Update – 20-01-10)* In a slightly different vein to other stuff I’ve shared, Blech III is an old Warp turntable mix (that’s right, not done in a computer [wink]) by qrtzcntrl, one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists and DJs I’ve ever come across. Originally inspired by the fantastic PC/Strictly Kev Blech II mix Featuring audio from Jacob’s Ladder amongst others. My advice, download and play in its entirety on a journey. Further info available here.

Joseph and David

The very talented Joseph and David (Joe Lawrenson and David Henshaw). Been hassling them to blog, tweet and get bandcamp for a while now… finally, they have their album up for download here. Ed and I produced this (he said proudly). Still trying to convince them to do PWYW (please feel free to tell ’em why), though “Father” is available for free download

Rob The Rich – Suitcase

Rob The Rich offer everything from intimate naturalism to gargantuan brutalist noise. There’s  loads of personality in their instrumentation. Love this.

Rosie – Poison Alan

I work with Rosie through 6k Vision Records and CYC; an arts organisation for young people in North Yorkshire. Very excited to be heading to the studio right now for some pre-production work (in fact, finishing this post has made me late)… recording with them for the first time soon – hope I can capture the energy their homemade recording has.

Steve Lawson – Behind Every Word

beautiful soundtracks made with one man and one bass. Steve Lawson is both a musical, and new music business innovator. Gotta love ‘im.

So, if you like it, please do share this music and spread the good. If you think there’s something I’ll love, please let me know suggestions welcome.


5 Comments leave one →
  1. 15/01/2010 1:36 am

    Cheers for the mention rich! I think we can forgive you for leaving us in the snowy graveyard now :D


  2. Joe permalink
    15/01/2010 8:31 pm

    That suitcase tune is gorgeous. Thanks for the shoutout Rich! Man, we actually cannot decide what we wanna do about selling or not selling the tracks, we keep changing our minds!

  3. Susan Thomas (& Ophelia & Uly) permalink
    17/01/2010 4:30 pm

    Thanks for sharing Rich. Rosie rocks–cannot wait to hear them after you work your studio magic! Also, really looking forward to new Hope & Social stuff this year.
    Still listening to “King of Spain” multiple times a day; also “Red Red Rose” for my son.


    • 20/01/2010 4:16 pm

      Thanks Susan – glad you’re enjoying the tunes, H&S and otherwise. Great music box that Ophelia got for Chrimbo eh?
      And for those who haven’t seen it:

      Homemade Hope and Social music box.

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