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End of Year Fantastic Follow Friday Favourites


As it’s that stereotypical “look back and reflect” time of year (and as I’ve been woefully behind on blogging, and as it’s Friday), I thought I should point out some of the people who’ve either already made my Twitter Follow Friday this year, and those who should have and, will do today!

So, here we are, in no particular order…

@bendenison the man to blame for my social media enthusiasm, a good thinker and blogger, new technology and new music industry enthusiast, a shareholder in Alamo Music and a favourite of mine on and offline. My thanks go to Ben for all his help this year, before and going forward.

@SoloBassSteve – Steve Lawson, one time writer at Bassist magazine, solo bass player, social media enthusiast and someone I have to credit for my understanding of how to use the social t’interweb. “Think of the internet like a conversation at a country pub” – OK, I will. Good man.

@musosdan – speaking of good men, Dan runs (amongst other things) and the sisterblog Dan is a great proponent of social media and of free and legal downloading of music. Follow and enjoy.

@dubber – Andrew Dubber. The music/internet/web2.0 guru and one to follow. If you haven’t already, download his “20 Things” eBook for music in the new music environment. I quote Andrew and point more people at him, @refeup and @solobasssteve than anyone else online as regards music… which brings me onto:

@refeup – A talented writer, with integrity. Founder of Creative Deconstruction. I’ve written for him before, and we’re looking forward to more writing this coming year. Refe’s one of the most sociable users of social media that I know. I trust him and his judgement and would let him stay at my house. ;) Seriously though, follow and befriend. He’s a good un.

@hannahnicklin – self confessed playwright, blogger, PhD student, geek and eco-socialist-feminist. I founbd Hannah through Steve Lawson and although I don’t interact with her much, love having her pop up in my stream.

@thesoundmill good friend, producer, father of newborn Alba Jean. Ed works at The Soundmill (Studio) on Kirkstall Road. If you’re not going to use me to record your record, Ed’s well worth a call.

@TinyNat tiny by name, tiny in stature. Natalie’s a huge music fan and forever telling twitter about what musical goings on she’s been attending. Although I may not agree with her entire music taste (I mean… Oasis [wink]) however her enthusiasm is exactly the reason why it’s worth being a musician.

@musformation – great and prolific webloggers and linkers of musicians to valuable info.

@haynes_dave – met dave at UnConvention and immediately warmed to him. Soundcloud head and therefore the enabler of great things.

@ihatemornings – innovative/fractal thinker, who plays guitar and sings about many things including the wonderful The Twitter Song and Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall. Met him at Unconvention and immediately warmed to this very smart fellow.

@ChaseJarvis – ace photographer and the man who brought the “Best Camera” app to the iPhone. Interesting chap, not too interactive, but worth watching!

@marshamusic – a big music fan, enthusiast, sharer of great music and generous heart. Marsha Shandur hosts Xfm shows and you should simply follow her, though possibly not when she’s running, she’s probably fitter than all of us – ;)

@forgetcape – Sam of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. Public and vehement anti-bigot, anti-racist, pro-human. A good man, and musician to boot.

@slainson happened upon her through a great discussion between her and Andrew Dubber, as pointed out by Steve Lawson. Regular new music industry blogger and general good egg.

@weareskylarkin “Sky Larkin”, the band. They’ve been using the crypt to write in this year. Lovely chaps and great music they’re writing. If you’re already a fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that the noises coming from our studio lead me to believe that their next album betters their previous work.

@beardedmagazine met Gareth at UnConvention and very much into his mag. Positive and forward looking. “Bearded exists to generate coverage for independent labels and artists regardless of genre, background or how fashionable they are”. Says it all really!

@juliandobson a good-heart, looking for better ways of living. I started following Julian after seeing his posts on his “Yorkshire Tour”. For arts, eco/enviro, and good writing, follow and check out his blog.

@ashparkmusic discovered AshPark through Refe Tuma of Creative Deconstruction. Independent, interesting, musician.

@MattRodMusic likewise, happened upon MattRoddMusic through Refe. Same applies really! ;)

@SocialSimon Hope and Social’s singer, actor and experimental theatre writer/performer with Imitating The Dog, artist (, my best man and a constant inspiration. Multi talented and great at lots of stuff. Love him I do.

@ereuben acerbic writer, long time friend and music industry chap. Used to write for The Fly magazine and a lot of his writing from then rings true today also. Opinionated and slightly self-righteous (but that’s part of why we like him), Elliot’s well worth looking up.

@AIannucci – comedy satirist and creator of Time Trumpet. Sociable too!

@qikipedia – The QI elves in Twitter form. Smart, witty and with that “Fact a day” kind of sensibility that, like the 140 characters Twitter gives you, gives the brain a quick and easy reward. Good Elves. Well done.

So! That’s it. A great 1st year of social media shenanigans. Loving it and looking forward to a more balanced (i.e. less “blog, blog, blog, 3 month gap) year next year. Many, many thanks to all my followers, all my sharers and Re-Tweeters. It’s been a lovely first year of blogging and micro-blogging. Next year brings lots of exciting things… That’ll be my next post I guess!

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  1. 28/12/2009 3:23 pm

    You are a love hux! x All the best for 2010. It may well be a vintage!

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