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From Flickr Pics to Free Goods


Rather brilliantly, this weekend Hope and Social got a bunch of new toys. How? Through us connecting with fans.

A while ago, a fan of Irish band The Frames was searching for information on the rather fabulous Black Box studio, France. Black Box is where The Frames record, where dEUS have recorded, where Mark Geary and the “Best Song Oscar” winners The Swell Season record.

At the time, Black Box didn’t have a website and the only tagged photos our now friend could find were on my Flickr set. A comment was made on one of these photos and I replied. The photos were tagged with “Four Day Hombre“, which linked through to the Hope and Social website. Our friend connected with us on Twitter, emailed us, and decided to fly from the states to the UK for the Crypt Gig this past weekend.

The nephew (an anonymous benefactor ;) as he wants to be known) of our friend works for a large music store in the US and we were asked if we wanted any toys. What did we offer in this relationship? Friendliness, time, advice on where to spend your three days in Leeds, shows.

Our friend and nephew donated many toys, strings, MXR pedal goodness, piano pick-ups and more; bolstering my enthusiasm for the TED Talk from Jonathan Zittrain: The Web as random acts of kindness


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