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Islet at Unconvention Swansea – great band, no web


This weekend was Unconvention Swansea – a music conference with a difference, a very positive music event actually focusing on music and on the business of music, grass roots style. Possibly the most inspirational single occurrence was the performance by a great band called Islet, and the follow up to their set.



Ironically for a band appearing at a music conference helping people make best use of social media/social networking sites, Islet had no internet presence whatsoever; no website, no myspace, no youtube, no flickr. They even had trouble remembering their email address.

Andrew Dubber, one of the foremost tangential thinkers and writer of a great blog “New Musical Strategies” and Ben Walker (writer of “The Twitter Song” ) were somewhat distraught at this and decided to make Islet a website right there and then:
(Read more about how the ThisIsIslet site was made here)

Andrew and Ben also took video footage of the gig as well as interviewing the band on camera, and taking a picture. Meanwhile Ed Waring aka EdHombre took pictures of the band’s set and their interview.

Before Unconvention began the following day, Islet had a website populated with user generated videos, images, and due to the followers of those responsible for the site and it’s content, around 200 views.

Andrew Dubber checks out the Crypt panorama

Andrew Dubber checks out the Crypt panorama

Ed and I loved the band and talked to them about some time down at our beautiful crypt studio. We commented on the Islet fan site, and used a twitter message. Andrew Dubber re-tweeted (sent the message on) and yet more website traffic was generated.

I suggested a ThisIsIslet T-shirt and off went Dubber and Ben to create a fan T-Shirt for the band.

In all, before leaving Swansea, less than 48-hours after the band had played the site had, I understand, been viewed around 1000 times, been talked about on BBC radio 6 and had people working in music as far afield as Chicago, Belfast, London, and Spain talking about it on the Internet.

As a case study in what can be acheived in a DIY sense in such a short period of time, this is hugely inspiring to me.

This means You can do it. It exemplifies the notions of:
Connect with fans
Make it interactive
Be interesting
The Internet as a conversation.

Expect a great deal of interactivity and Doing It For Yourself when we run UnConvention Leeds next year. It’s left me energised.

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  1. 09/09/2009 11:59 pm

    Nice new blog sir.

    I agree the days of an artist or even in my case a studio having just “a website” is loooooonnng past.

    • 10/09/2009 4:43 pm

      Cheers Ed. One of the things that Steve Lawson said that resonatedwith me the most was (and I paraphrase):
      “Think of the internet as a bit like a conversation in a country pub”. That kind of mentality really opened up a number of new ways of thinking for me!

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